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Opulent Blood Orange Sandlewood Candle


Natural, Handcrafted & Fragrant

Environmentally mindful candles and scents

The Opulente Mission

Our mission is to create handcrafted, environmentally-conscious candles that illuminate homes with elegance and warmth, while promoting sustainability and joy through our products. Every purchase gives us an opportunity to achieve one of our key pillars of giving back to a few key charities that are important to us.

A Different Candle, Each for a Different Mood…

Acai White Grapefruit candle

Acai - White Grapefruit

A clean, fresh blend that nicely mixes the fruity attributes of the Acai Berry and citrus notes of White Grapefruit.

Opulent Blood Orange Sandlewood Candle

Blood Orange - Sandalwood

A zestful Karachi Blood Orange scent joined with Patchouli Sandalwood.

Lavender Vanilla Bean candle

Lavender - Vanilla Bean

A French Lavender and woodsy blend combined with the sweetness of Vanilla Bean.

Our Candle Collection

Grapefruit candle scent
Acai White Grapefruit candle

Acai-White Grapefruit


A clean, fresh blend that nicely mixes the fruity attributes of the Acai Berry and citrus notes of White Grapefruit. $50

Tuberose scented candle



A rich, sophisticated take on the floral smell of roses with a hint of a delicate woodsy spiced scent. (It’s not what you think.) $50

Tuberose candle
Lavender scented candle
Lavender Vanilla Bean candle

Lavender Vanilla-Bean


A French Lavender and woodsy blend combined with the sweetness of Vanilla Bean for this smooth and relaxing scent. $50

What’s So Unique About Us

rows of lavender drying

Uniquely Original & Emotive Scents

Elevate your senses with our one-of-a-kind, emotive scents meticulously blended in-house. Our fragrances enchant you, effortlessly filling your space with welcoming aromas.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Crafted with care, our candles feature an all-natural, non-GMO coconut wax blend. We use pure cotton and  lead-free wicks along with essential oils and natural fragrances to ensure our products are as clean as can be.

Coconut Candle Wax Before Melting
Eco-friendly candles

Mindfully Sustainable

Indulge in a pristine, eco-conscious experience with our environment-friendly candles. We've meticulously crafted non-toxic fragrance blends that meet the highest global standards, free from harmful ingredients. Our commitment extends to sustainable packaging, making it the ultimate choice for your well-being and the planet.

Long Burn-time

Enjoy 70 hours of soot-free, aromatic bliss with our 11 oz candles, setting a high standard for long-lasting, clean-burning indulgence.

Long burn time candle
From Fans...

– Grier S.

"Opulente's Cypress Juniper candle transforms my place into a cozy, enchanted chateau. The majestic woodsy scent is a truly elevating experience."

– Eleese G.

"Unlike other candles which can smell like chemicals, the Opulente candle gives off a clean scent that is so fresh!"

– April

"Love the Tuberose candle! It has a wonderfully floral, not overly powerful, fragrance and I
appreciate how evenly it diffuses throughout a room."
Jaronna - Opulente Candles Founder & CEO


Founder, CEO

Opulente Candles

Hi, I'm Jaronna.

I founded Opulente Candles to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a candle business that offers high-quality products with unique scents that people truly enjoy.


I feel fortunate to offer premium products to our customers while also contributing to a few cherished causes.

What's Fresh

Rose candle

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